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Exoptare is an AU PostHogwarts game. We are canon through the end of OotP, essentially Ginny makes a wish that Sirius had never fallen through the veil, the canon is altered from that point on as things change. Ron is killed by a misdirected spell from Bella as she is fleeing the Battle in the Department of Mysteries. Since then so much has changed, Voldemort has fallen and people have begun moving on with their lives. The game takes place in early 2002.

WANTED! Colin & Dennis Creevey. Bill, Charlie, Fred, George & Percy Weasley. Oliver Wood. Millicent Bulstrode. Vincent Crabbe. Gregory Goyle. Bellatrix Lestrange. Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy. Pansy Parkinson. Fleur Delacour. MANY, MANY MORE ROLES OPEN!